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Hi there, I'm EvieMelody (formally User:Torchickens). ^^
Friendly Kokochan.png My Melo Ganbaru.png Cogimyun.png

(Friendly Kokochan, My Melody and Cogimyun are my favourite Sanrio characters)

I'm the founder of this wiki, which I originally founded on ShoutWiki. This site is hosted thanks to the Grifkuba team.

The reason why there are more articles than lists is because I dislike the idea of "notability" as it restricts creativity.

My edits: [1] [2]

I'm now trying to put in more commitment and focus on the merchandise side of Sanrio, specifically their books and print media. So if there are users with focuses I'd like to be a merchandise media worker; it's fun! I'd like the wiki to have wider coverage, even though there isn't much detail.


Make starts for Sanrio magazine issues.


Recent Sanrio

I love the new Sanrio Chocolate characters as well as the recent Sanrio Labo initiative. ^^ I like the idea of Sanrio Characters: Miracle Match (if I can get it on my phone), but I rarely use my phone and I don't know if the model is recent enough in the first place/don't know enough about phones.

Retro/Vintage Sanrio

Now's the time to buy more The Strawberry News issues. I also only recently learned Kokoro have their own written news series. It's called Kokoro Dreams. The idea of animatronics by a Sanrio owned company sounds cute, so I want to learn all about their Hello Kitty machines or just their general life animatronics. Currently, lots of digital versions are available on the Kokoro News Index, so let's document that. The issue is it takes time to translate or get something translated/money if you're doing it through a service, but no way should that be an obstacle (and it hasn't stopped Sanrio fans before).

Is Sanrio losing its relevance?

I've only been a relatively recent Sanrio fan and it gives me mixed thoughts, also I get tired more easily nowadays in terms of learning new things (but really this shouldn't be the point). The irony is sometimes I just end up creating and never consuming media (which is an odd feeling; it's not that I hate it but there can be an imbalance between creating, relaxing, playing - nowadays I can also hypnotically just write really elaborately or fast which can bore some people). I got into the characters and the company late (but still for like 8 years of my life now). I'm also going to be 30 next February; that makes me feel very old - but I shouldn't really mind (at least I'm trying to convince myself that). Sanrio IP historically targeted to older demographics were also common, such as Sanrio Romance Comics and Fancy Friends and really there was no age limit (after all many other older women (and men) like Hello Kitty).

I'm also worried because there is an argument Sanrio Co., Ltd. (and their flagship characters) may no longer be relevant, and with the power of rivals like animation giants like Disney or video game giants like Nintendo will the promotion of new products and IP eventually crash?

Still, I feel preserving Sanrio's legacy is really important. The company has some deep origins, but these are lost to books, The Strawberry News, Lyrica and such. I feel most information about Sanrio isn't actually online or documented at all, but there is some preservation, such as a recent resurgence in documenting historical Sanrio media by people like Starshooter (InitialPattyWagon on the Hello Kitty Fandom community), RetroSanrioCentre, and lots of other people before them, such as the Japanese YouTuber chuchupachu. It's also very easy for Sanrio merchandise to get lost, because countless new products are released all the time.

There is a lot of lore behind the characters, settings, Sanrio's history in general - so let's hope all of it continues to get unearthed. Despite the number of articles, a lot of the articles are just empty shells. I've been thinking about looking into making a bot to automatically grab Sanrio merchandise data from auctions/databases to put here all in one place.


I was worried because this wiki is still really obscure, and there was a recent spam attack. :[ I'm grateful to have made some wiki friends like Vipz and PinkietheHelloKitty though ^^. Also I made a friend from the Hello Kitty Fandom wiki, who is also seeking out rare media and documenting it, and we share retro Sanrio information sometimes.

Also I've met my other half, as well as lots of new online friends like other girls who like games, programming and males as well. Also I was excited when I met another girl who is obsessed with projects like me; she's always making lists like how I have a tendency to obsessively study/create wiki articles and videos ^^.

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Multifaith Christianity, Buddhism, lastly Sikhism which has a history that gnosis is not always important.

Large circles alienate me

I don't like to be around too many people (sometimes ;_;).