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Hi there, I'm EvieMelody (formally User:Torchickens).
Friendly Kokochan.png My Melo Ganbaru.png Cogimyun.png

(Friendly Kokochan, My Melody and Cogimyun are my favourite Sanrio characters)

My name is Evie and I love Sanrio and cute or kawaii media, girly/traditional feminine things in general like health and beauty, dolls, clothes, shoes. ^^ In addition to things like video games, technology and computer science. My favourite colour is pale pink. I am an adult.

I'm the founder of this wiki, which I originally founded on ShoutWiki. This site is hosted thanks to the Grifkuba team and is friends with some other wikis/groups. I keep this version of the wiki semi-closed due to spam (and left the former), but accounts are available through email request.

This wiki is no relation to the Fandom Hello Kitty Wiki which has a larger community.

Recently I've been putting more of a focus on Sanrio merchandise.

I have a number of other names online like Torchickens and Chickasaurus.


I like to edit this wiki, have a smaller role on some other wikis like Starfy Wiki, NintendoWiki, Glitch City Wiki and make videos, in particular of Pokémon glitches (channel ChickasaurusGL), and other videos (channel EvieMelody). This wiki (or other wikis, or YouTube) can take up a lot of my free time.

I have a Discord but get shy or can't focus, so I don't use it often anymore, except for close friends. I sometimes post/retweet cute things or whatever I've been up to, on Twitter.

Sometimes in addition to editing wikis, I play video games (and I have a lot of games), or I research glitches in the older Pokémon games, or I learn/practise programming.


I am Christian. I believe that Christ is an expression of God in human form and our redeemer. All we need to do is receive him, regardless of tongues. I'm however disheartened that sometimes the concept of religion leads to religare; re (again) + ligare (bind or connect) according to scholars Tom Harpur and Joseph Campbell; in the negative sense - to be binded to dogma (although in other concepts a fear of God means to be careful and responsible to be conscious not to hurt anyone - that prophecy is not to be taken too literally but rather understood from the spiritual messages we received from it from the heart). To carry a belief naturally means to carry principles with us; which are processed by us as dogma; but due to our human nature and relationship with sin and transgression these are only worldly understandings.

What is most important is the message; based on how the bread of life of Christ touched your heart, so to speak; and is working to resolve our worries regarding our friends or our health. If we believe with all of our heart and mind we have received it; reading his words have fed our soul, which nothing else in the world can provide. In the past; we were bound to the law but now Christ forgives us; if we are willing to walk with him of course he will wipe our sins behind and for us to learn from our mistakes - accepting that the world cannot be perfect, but we are saved from death caused from the world. Even if you don't believe in Christ as the Messiah, we look up to the concept of God, Love and what is above. If your Messiah is Mohammad; I accept that too. I also accept those who resonate with the anti-religious sentiment, but are for a spirit of humbleness and value human relationships more than worldly attachment. As an analogy; you can't covet someone else's house.

I also empathise with how it feels with the polarised potential regarding missionary movements. It has caused divisions in many cultures; such as those who support it, and the anti-religious sentiment. It is easy for corruption and worldly attachment to dogma to interfere with our relationship with God - and for those in power to try to force their influence on us in a wrathful way; masquarading as a religious leader. It brings us back to the philosophy of Western Gnosticism (those who change the world are part of a demiurge - who is rooted to an archon wrathful creator God, but is not God) and Eastern asceticism as well; stretching back very far. For example, saptarshi.

What worries me is that the world is in a state of ideological warfare; instead of understanding our differences but still fundamentally knowing that we are the same there is a lot of conflict in the world fueled by ideology, conflict and grief. When there is a division, it is not good to argue. Furthermore; one side cannot force one to forgive another. Even so, it has been part of the human condition that we do fall out. What is important however is we learn from our mistakes; humbling ourselves like eternal children regardless of experience.


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