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Sharkies.png Baby Sharkie (left), Mermaid My Melody (middle), and the older male Sharkie (right)
Universe Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures
Date of first appearance 2022?
Based on Sharks

The Sharkies are characters Mermaid My Melody and friends Mermaid Kitty, Mermaid My Melody, Mermaid Badtz-Maru, Mermaid Pompompurin, Mermaid Keroppi encounter on My Melody's birthday for the episode My Melody's Mer-Adventure of Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures.

My Melody was given a magical pink conch shell that grants her a birthday wish. My Melody asks Fishy wishing she can help, and magically becomes a mermaid with her friends.

My Melody and friends were originally chased by the Sharkies. Her friends were afraid but My Melody had the fun idea of luring them closer, and giving them the magic shell as a gift to make friends. The shark held it in its teeth and acted like it was going to eat it, but instead used its teeth to carry it to its other male sharkie friend (possibly a family member) who laughed in gratitude and said "A conch shell? How do you know we collect shells?". Mermaid Keroppi and Mermaid Badtz-Maru still reacted in fear, but Mermaid My Melody replied "Who doesn't? They're so pretty!".

The Sharkies enthusiastically asked that they see their collection. Kuromi replied that they were 'just passing through', but My Melody accepted and they became good friends! My Melody continued on while the others were afraid, and they found a cute baby Sharkie trapped in the seaweed. The older (parent?) Sharkies were worried that they couldn't safely use their teeth to rescue the baby, so Mermaid My Melody intervened and pulled the seaweed away. The baby Sharkie in deep gratitude lead My Melody and friends to a treasure chest and My Melody felt in bliss, and her friends cheered her on and cuddled her for her birthday!