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Note: Sanrio Wiki is not official and is not run by Sanrio Co., Ltd. or related parties. This wiki uses some low resolution content (images, short sound clips) to describe articles, under fair use (for the purpose of illustrating and describing an article only). All rights are reserved by Sanrio and related parties.

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Sanrio Wiki is an unofficial wiki related to the company Sanrio, formally hosted on the ShoutWiki hosting service. It is now independent, but hosted by a small team known as Grifkuba.

It is not owned or officially endorsed by Sanrio and their subsidiaries, affiliates.

Sanrio Wiki was created by Torchickens (Talk) from England in the United Kingdom, where fair use in the American context does not necessarily apply. However, she has decided to still use low resolution "fair use" images in the belief the fair use doctrine applies internationally here. This wiki is forked from the old ShoutWiki version at . That version is under the domain of Shout Wiki (including run by US staff), and is kept for historical purposes.

In relation to articles and media on the wiki[edit]

Content on the wiki must comply with fair use. Specifically, it is only to write an article on a subject describing it, without plagiarism or infringement. The subject of most content described will be owned by Sanrio or a related party, but simply described in the article. Images for illustration should be a maximum of 400 pixels, and sound clips should be a relatively small portion of the song (though there are no specific requirements in this case).