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|full name=
|first appearance=
|based on=

Taken from Starfy Wiki. ([1][2])

"Links" refers to official (published by Sanrio or a party associated with the character's creation, or the official localisation team(s)/companies licensed by Sanrio for other languages) profile hyperlinks pertaining to the character, such as pages from the Japanese Sanrio Character Directory. For other parties associated with the character's creation, it might include character articles using the [[Category:Characters used by Sanrio under license]] category; so for instance, it's also fine to link to an official Mr. Men Little Miss company's/owner's page (including any former ownerships) about a Mr. Men character without the involvement of Sanrio/THOIP. Web pages from the past retrieved using's Wayback Machine can also be listed. At a future date, if there are a large number of links included in the article the list may be condensed and the full list moved to an article such as "List of official (character) profile pages".

About {{{fullname}}}; this parameter was originally intended for "full" character names (forename/surname pairs, and general extensions), such as Kitty White being a full name of Hello Kitty, or Pochacco: The Yorimichi Dog being a full name of Pochacco, but has since been adapted to also include other names/aliases, translations, or romanisations; so other names for Hello Kitty contained within this parameter might include Kitty, Kitty White, Hello, ハローキティ, キティちゃん , 凯蒂·怀特 and so on. Names from any other region are fine, and romanisations are also accepted ("official" can be added in brackets to specify official names and romanisations, an "unofficial" for unofficial but common fan names). Like with "links", if the list of aliases becomes too long, it may be condensed and the full list moved to an article such as "List of other names and localised names for (character)". At a future date, Special:ReplaceText may be used to convert the name of this parameter ("{{{full name}}}") into "{{{other names}}}"). This parameter is not to be used for variations of a character such as Baby Kitty. These are instead covered in their own dedicated articles.