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Hello Kitty Online

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Hello Kitty Online
HKO box.png
Publisher(s) Phillipines: Level Up! Games
Indonesia: GOGAME
North America: Sanrio Digital
Europe: Sanrio Digital
Brazil: GameMaxx
Thailand: C2 Vision
Release date(s) 2008 (Beta), 2009/10
Genre Massively multiplayer online role playing game
Platform(s) PC
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Hello Kitty Online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game developed by Sanrio Digital and Typhoon Games.

It is free-to-play, but a paid Premium Edition was released with $15 worth of in-game points, two Hello Kitty Online collector's postcards and an exclusive Virtual Pet to follow the player around and help with quests.

Accounts are tied to the SanrioTown website. SanrioTown is an official Sanrio community and network.


After creating their own avatar, the player is able to explore a large world full of Sanrio characters and meet other players. In this world they are able to start quests, gather items and craft items. The player is able to obtain a pet that can follow them around and help with quests. They can also work on their own private farm.

Additionally, the player can play minigames available in-game and on the official SanrioTown website and compete with other players. The player is able to build a house after receiving a land certificate from an NPC or as a quest reward in-game and can furnish the house with furniture and appliances and other things like wallpapers, floorboards.

From either in-game or the official SanrioTown website, players can produce their own blogs and share videos. Hello Kitty Online also has its own wiki known as the Hello Kitty Online Wiki but nicknamed "Kittypedia" by fans.


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