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These Are Sanrio Secrets book.png This page explains one or more Sanrio Wiki policies, guidelines and/or projects.

Umm how do I edit?? 📚

Don't worry if you don't know, as people can wrongly take it for granted.

On these types of MediaWiki wikis, you scroll to the top of the page and click the "edit" tab (though it's a bit small) to enter some text, then submit it. This wiki doesn't have a modern editor, but an introduction to how to format the pages can be found here. Note the display of this wiki may not function right on a phone. Some pages may only have view source, if they have experienced heavy spam in the past.

See also:'s editing help guide (MediaWiki is the engine which Sanrio Wiki operates on. Anyone can use MediaWiki if they want)

Check out also the Fandom (Wikia) community (not affiliated with this wiki but important. In various respects we complement each other, with various unique information between each other).

Editor in Chief's list of questions and answers:

Q: Is this wiki affiliated with Wikimedia Foundation and Wikipedia?

A: No, however the site uses the MediaWiki engine; the same one used for English Wikipedia in 2002. "Wiki" is a word derived from "quick"; and describes the concept/framework of publishing user created works that can be quickly edited and changes by anyone.

Anyone can also start their own wiki by downloading the tools and hosting a website (in affiliation with the Internet service provider, website hosting service). Sometimes this is through the assistance of another group (referred to as non-independent wikis, however the definition of independent may be subject to debate), such as Wikimedia Foundation, a "wiki-farm" such as Wikia, ShoutWiki, Miraheze (among free ones where users can create accounts and request new wikis) where some of their policies may apply.

In User:EvieMelody's opinion (the person who started the wiki), this wiki is now more independent than before; where it spun-off from (via Shout Wiki); published there on request but not endorsed - on to with the assistance of a small group of hobbyists known as Grifkuba.

This wiki is also affiliates (friends), including link sharing, with the sites on the sidebar.

Although it is not endorsed, we may use information from other fan-sites and wikis, but strictly the information should be reworded and sourced back to there (such as "information derived from [another wiki] wiki or [another Sanrio fan site]", preferably with a link where the authors can be cited back (such as the history page of another wiki).

Q: In a nutshell, how does editorial work?


Is there a preferred writing style?


No, feel free to write it as loosely or formally as you like. ^^ This varies from person-to-person. We also don't mind about capitalisation strictly; feel free to capitalise specific terms rather than just proper nouns. Commonwealth/British English and American English are also both acceptable based on the preferences of the user.

However, for non-English articles; please add them to a sub-page (such as Hello Kitty/Española for an article about Hello Kitty in Spanish).


Links to other articles may also be added if they were mentioned but did not contain a link before. The articles may sometimes be changed for readability, or display purposes (where templates such as Template:Character exists) or for example if there are spelling mistakes, or if information was inadvertently removed; however, please don't edit an article for the sake of changing its style (unless you were the author of both the previous and new edit). However, you may if you ask that editors consent (on the history button at the top of the page) and they agree. Vandalism should be reverted, or non-canon information outside of the wall of fan works - unless Sanrio have had an official (primary) source response on that fan-work (see caretaking below).




If a page was vandalised (intentionally had information removed or intentionally had false information), you can revert the edit either manually or by clicking on the history button at the top of the page, clicking on the revision before it, and submitting that edit again. For trusted users, they may also be given a revert button (from the history page or recent changes) to make this process easier.

Additionally, bullying, harassment and spam is not tolerated and users who bully others or submit spam will be blocked.

Spam in this context is usually in the context of robots that post dangerous links (or content designed to exploit others) which may contain viruses, malware, phishing or promote illegal subjects, and the content is not relevant to Sanrio Wiki's purpose. As there are robots that send spam or phising emails, too sometimes (unfortunately common) this can occur on wikis, and spammers are attempting to work around blocks.


Is it a wiki about canon or fanon:


This wiki includes factual information (found on most articles), however any fan works (which Sanrio or an affiliated company (defined as a company that Sanrio owns a share in) did not create may be found at Sanrio Wiki:Wall of fan works (fan works must be included here or on a sub-page (Sanrio Wiki:Wall of fan works/(subpage name)), but this section of the website is still new.

Regardless, feel free to be bold and fill out pages without much information; it doesn't mean that we aren't accepting new information but rather we encourage new editors.

-Q: Reliability, verifiability, and notability:


This is a small wiki with a specific focus, where verifiability and notability is not as important as on English Wikipedia (or various other fan projects as well; a very 'minor' subject is fine and we self-proclaim nothing is ever too minor). Hence, articles such as one-off characters or even objects are allowed (notability), and other user or fan created content, uncited articles are allowed too on a case-by-case basis - if however these are challenged they may be removed (verifiability); though it is encouraged to cite a primary source (directly from Sanrio or related subsidiary, such as Sanrio's Japanese website (over a secondary or tertiary) source when possible. It's also suggested to add an official image (for example of the character). Furthermore, if the content is official but only licensed by Sanrio, it's fine to make articles on them too (such as Hello Kitty World (Famicom)) or even any licensed merchandise as a separate article.

Additionally, alternatively though it can be difficult to verify certain content because it is offline; citing an offline source (such as a book, video game, animation) is also fine. If the article contains an image from a said official source, it will usually be trusted, but if the article is solely text and the name of the said source cannot be tracked; the article may be deleted or the edit may be reverted - this can be a double-edged sword if the information is factual but.

-Q: Opinions, ideas, trivia and sociological views:


As long as reason is given and the edit is indicated not to be an objective fact this is also fine; it's OK to ignore verifiability here too. Preferably, this should be added to a separate header such as "Trivia" or "Opinions" at the bottom of the article.

-Q: Controversial articles:


These are rare but exist. These can be upsetting or not age appropriate for readers and children. These should strictly have the category Category:Articles which received the safety notice so parents or guardians can take note of them.

-Q: "Discussion" button (Talk: pages)


While designed to suggest changes to an article, we don't mind and it's fine to chat about the subject here too. :]

-Q: How many editors edit this wiki?

-A: Currently very few, and sometimes Special:ActiveUsers only contains just User:EvieMelody (the person who started Sanrio Wiki) and currently primarily the sole editor. However, anyone who wants to can edit the wiki too. You can also create an account if you prefer. If editing without an account, the wiki may display an IP Address. You can find a list of users who have accounts at Special:ListUsers.