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Okigaru Friends

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Okigaru Friends
Okigaru Friends.png
Universe Okigaru Friends
Full name/Real name/Shorter name Okigaru Friends
Japanese name おきがるふれんず
First appearance 1997
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Okigaru Friends is a Sanrio universe, introduced in 1997. The name of this universe may be derived from 気軽 (kigaru; meaning cheerful).

The nicknames of the Okigaru Friends characters were decided by fans at Hello Kitty Club.


Ō-chan is successful in everyday life and is quite popular. Kī-chan is quite cowardly, however they forget their worries after sleeping overnight. Gan-chan is a bear and an elder brother who people can depend on in an emergency however, he is not good with machines. The rabbit Run-chan likes to play cute. They dream about being a woman who marries a rich man (a 玉の輿/tama no koshi). The penguin Furen-chan has an unrivalled passion. The panda Zun-chan is an outlaw who likes to do things his own way.

The characters are: a dog, cat, bear, rabbit, penguin, and panda.