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Continue articles for issues of The Strawberry News, Hello Kitty Magazine, etc.

ぬりえであそぼう サンリオキャラクターズ

Sanrio Timenet

  • Add the rest of the item descriptions (done up to Skill Pack 1)

CDs from Kitty Goods Collection 1998 Vol. 1

  • キャラクタービジョンCDシリーズ
  • 絵本つきCD・カセットシリーズ

Some more Sanrio characters I found on the Fandom Hello Kitty wiki

Hello Kitty Accessory BOX characters

In the artwork are some more sub-characters and character variations which can be added as new articles. Also create Butadance (Buta Dance?) (check if there's a way to find out if there's a space)

Note to self

Add the Sanrio Characters Picross screenshots my friend sent me.

Some colouring books

Animation (2)

Category:Incomplete articles bookmarked from editorial

Start articles on

Other to-do

(Sanrio Asobi no Kuni)

Various things (currently messy) from a public DAT from the above Arcade History site

Hello Kitty no Castelo (MPR-18316) Tec Toy
Hello Kitty no Dream Passport 2 (Dreamcast GD)
Hello Kitty no Machi he Odekake
Hello Kitty no Magical Block
[BR] "Hello Kitty no Castelo"

[JP] "Hello Kitty no Tanoshii Butoukai [Model HPC-6061]" (1998)

Hello Kitty no Eikaiwa (Konami Picno)
Kero Kero Keroppi no Issho ni Asobou (redemption machine)

Check other Sanrio universes - search for "Hello Kitty" etc.


Add these and these

  • As there are thousands of Sanrio merchandise, look into creating a script to automatically add merchandise from bar codes. It may be possible to extract that data from a bar code database.

Character sources

These sources are very helpful for creating pages about Sanrio characters.

Shortcut to character template:

{{Character |links= |universe= |full name= |Japanese= |first appearance= |based on= |gender= |nationality= }}


  • Others

{{subst:NamedMerch |Imagename=HK Hundreds Snowman Tote.png |Descriptor=a tote bag |Character=[[Hello Kitty]]. It is a collaboration with The Hundreds (a streetwear brand and media platform) |Identifier=( Item No. 590291) |Character2=Hello Kitty |Itemcat=Bags |}} ==External links== *[ Link on] {{stub}}

{{subst:NamelessMerch |Imagename= |Item= |Character= |Identifier= |Character2= |Itemcat= |}} ==External links== *[ Link on] {{stub}}