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User:EvieMelody/Sanrio books

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Yahoo Auctions Japan books

akifuyu kodomo fuyu
arukuturusu no tabi 1980
asobi no kuni
b6 mansuri up diary
b6 notebook yahau
fushigina kami asobi
fushigina origami
genki note my melo
han no zasshi sf
harunatsu knithouse
hello kitty hiroi fuku ya i
Hello Kitty no nanatsu no okuri mono
Hello Kitty to utaou e i gonouta
Kiki to Lala no ayatori sekai ryokou
hirunemogura book
hon no zasshi
ikeru shikabane (peter dickinson sanrio adaption)
james houstan shiroi indian
karakusa netsu sutanisuwafu remu
kerokerokeroppi no kotoba asobi
kiki to lala no nurie
kitty goods 01 02
minna no taabo no kenjin kun
minna no tabo no caigentan
omoide o uru mise
onna no ko no kawaii illust renshuu chou
ooyachiki sakuhin-chuu
sanrio 50th anniversary official book
sanrio character no kawaii school goods
sanrio character no nurie world
sanrio characters no sports goods
sanrio gift book hello kitty no origami ohana ga ippai!
sanrio gift book sanrio character zukan
sanrio lovers 70s
sanrio puroland asobi
sf hyakka zukan the visual encyclopedia of science fiction
snoopy no abc
tanoshii kami hikouki
tezzuri idea hon
utauyo kuma no poo san ga
various books in one auction (analyze later)


further sanrio gift books
further Sanrio SF
further Sanrio Romance Comics
further other old publications of a series
The Strawberry News work
Hello Kitty magazine work
Hello Kitty Annual work
Girls magazines marketing on cute/kawaii not specific to Sanrio/Hello Kitty

Mr. Men Daily Mirror books

Mr. Tickle in a tangle
Mr. Messy messing about in the snow
Mr. Bump loses his memory
Mr. Strong and the flood
Mr. Happy finds a hobby
Mr. Small: a big day out
Mr. Greedy is helpfully heavy
Mr. Funny upsets Mr. Fussy
Mr. Silly gets the giggles
Mr. Nosey and the big surprise
Mr. Topsy-Turvy: the round way wrong
Mr. Mischief: a spot of trouble

Characters to research

jungle busan
sanrio puroland characters (shown in rainbow road)
unknown sanrio cat on matchbox merchandise


That issue I bought locally
I firgit jungle busan, it's from one of above(?)
来場者4倍のV字回復! サンリオピューロランドの人づくり
売れるキャラクター戦略 “即死"“ゾンビ化"させない (光文社新書)
'90s〜2010s サンリオのデザイン
'70s&'80s サンリオのデザイン
逆境に克つ! - サンリオピューロランドを復活させた25の思考
サンリオデイズ いちご新聞篇 ー 「いちご新聞」から生まれたキャラクターのヒミツがいっぱい (Sweet Design Memories)