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Food Character Election

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The Food Character Election (Japanese: 食べキャラ総選挙) was a contest on the Sanrio Character Ranking website in 2013, in which people would vote for the best of twenty food related characters (with their own friends/family) between September 3rd and December 1st 2013 with a chance of that character being promoted as a main Sanrio character. It had the slogan "eat or be eaten, shinken shōbu" (Japanese: 食うか食われるか真剣勝負!).[1]

The popular Sanrio character Gudetama won the election and was promoted, followed up by KIRIMI-chan (who was also promoted) and Kashiwankomochi.


Character Japanese name
Alpacajunk アルパカジャンク
Beartama-san べあたまさん
Enokidakirin えのきだきりん
Fujipurin ふじぷりん
Fuuryuujinnegishi 風流人ネギ氏
Gudetama ぐでたま
Kashiwankomochi かしわんこもち
Kiriponta きりぽんた
Kometsubuyaomusubi こめつぶ屋おむすび
Mashuuinmarshnoasaryo 摩周院マシュの麻呂
Minna no Samurais みんなのさむらいす
Mori no Kinoko 3-Kyoudai 森のきのこ3きょうだい
Nebanyan. ねばにゃん。
Omupanda オムパンダ
Omusubiwankoro おむすびワンコロ
Shokupanda 食ぱんだ
SOYGEISHA-Hiyayakkodosu~ SOYGEISHA冷や奴どす~
Tarakoseikatsu たらこ生活
Wientomoparadise ウィントモパラダイス


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