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Universe KIRIMI-chan
Japanese name KIRIMIちゃん,
First appearance 2013
Based on Fillet
Gender Female
Nationality Kitchen
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KIRIMI-chan or Kirimi is a Sanrio character introduced in 2013 based on a fillet. She is "a star in the sliced food world".[1]

KIRIMI-chan was the winner of a Sanrio contest known as Food Character Election held from September 3rd 2013 until December 1st 2013. Gudetama came second and Kashiwankomochi came third.[2]


From October to November 2015 only, KFC restaurants in Japan ran a special "KFC x KIRIMI-chan" promotion in which special Hokkaido Kentucky fried salmon was available.

From January 1st to February 14th 2016, KIRIMI-chan appeared as a special character downloadable in the Japanese version of the Nintendo 3DS game Monster Hunter Generations (Monster Hunter X), in which she hosted a special event called "Sanrio: Save the Fish!".[3]


KIRIMI-chan first became a fillet on August 31st. She is very good friends with Kamaboko-chan.[4] On her English official Sanrio website page, she can be seen fishing in a boat with Kamaboko-chan.

KIRIMI-chan has her own song called Oishiku Tabete ne[5], which she sang in a band with friends Tai-kun, Saba-kun and Kamaboko-chan.


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