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Ginga Konchuu Chibikko Gang

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Ginga Konchuu Chibikko Gang
Ginga Konchuu Chibikko Gang.png
Universe Button Nose
Japanese name 銀河コンチュウチビッコギャング
Date of first appearance 1977
Based on Ladybirds
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The Ginga Konchuu Chibikko Gang, literally Galactic Insect Chibikko Gang, also known as the Ginga Chibikko Gang are Sanrio characters introduced in 1977, as part of the Button Nose universe.


The Ginga Konchuu Chibikko Gang are a gang of ladybirds who live in Butou Condominiums. They consist of a pink ladybird, blue ladybird, red ladybird, green ladybird and purple ladybird and have big round yellow noses.

The Ginga Konchuu Chibikko Gang originally appeared in the book "Button Nose no Okurimono" (Button Nose's Present) and also appeared in a "15 Bangai Corner" section of Strawberry News.

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