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Ahiru no Pekkle

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Ahiru no Pekkle
Universe Ahiru no Pekkle
Full name/Real name/Shorter name Pekkle
Japanese name あひるのペックル,
First appearance 1990
Based on Duck
Gender Male
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Ahiru no Pekkle (literally "duck Pekkle"), known in short as Pekkle is a Sanrio character introduced in 1990. He may be seen wearing a red or a blue shirt with the letter "P" inside it.

He is a member of the Hapidanbui.


Ahiru no Pekkle is good natured and kind. His birthday is July 27th. Though he is a duck, he cannot swim very well but he loves to sing and dance. His swim instructor is Pitchi the fish. Pekkle enjoys dancing and has been taking tap-dancing lessons. He treasures a bucket which he carries around. Pekkle dreams of flying one day. [1]



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Ahiru no Pekkle is featured in a number of cartoons including Ahiru no Pekkle no Suieitaikai wa Oosawagi, Ahiru no Pekkle no Ahiru no Drakestail, Ahiru no Pekkle no Sindbad no Bouken, Ahiru no Pekkle no Minikui Ahiru no Ko, Ahiru no Pekkle no Hihou wo Sagase, Ahiru no Pekkle no Aladdin to Mahou no Lamp.