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Prince Sorara

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Prince Sorara
Prince Sorara.png
Universe Onegai My Melody
Japanese name ソララ王子
Based on Prince
Gender Male

Prince Sorara appears in Onegai♪My Melody Kirara★. He is a prince who descended from the Star Kingdom, who would become trapped in Mary Land with Kirara‎.

Prince Sorara will sometimes unexpectedly transform into a small yellow chick. As Kirara has hated chickens, she is suspicious of him. Sorara likes Kirara, but Kirara does not like Prince Sorara (at least as a chick), and if he gets too close to Kirara; Kirara usually reacts violently, to push him away. Kuromi has a crush on Prince Sorara in his human form (which is reciprocated to an extent), while My Melody has a crush on him in his chicken form. Furthermore, Baku (Kuromi's faithful minion) thinks Prince Sorara as a chicken is tasty, and has on occasion tried to eat him. All of this, has lead to many troubles, and has been integral to a lot of the slapstick/dark humour in the series.

Prince Sorara in his chicken form, will occasionally cover up his face with a photo of him in his human form.

At the end of the series, after the Wishing Star is fixed, so is the bridge between the human world and the Star Kingdom, and Prince Sorara returns to the stars.

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