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Sanrio Wiki:Bots

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These Are Sanrio Secrets book.png This page explains one or more Sanrio Wiki policies, guidelines and/or projects.

Bots are not human users, but rather submit automated edits, interface, or server work. A macro can also refer to an automated script.

Bots or macros, while most commonly banned because automation is a popular method for spammers and malicious content, are allowed on Sanrio Wiki provided that it genuinely helps contribute or maintain the wiki. While they can be of large help, the user(s) responsible for it should also be aware of bugs or oversights which could cause it to create content not intended for its original purpose.

Note the "bots" user group isn't added automatically, nor is there (currently) any system on Sanrio Wiki to detect a bot and add it to the user group. However, some wikis use a Blacklist and/or Whitelist that prevents edits matching certain critera (such as a link to a known phising scam website).


(See here for the full list)


EvieMelody is planning to develop and launch a macro called User:SanrioMerchMacro herself to automate articles about merchandise from auction, shop, or barcode database websites. While it is the only bot/macro like it planned so far, if a programmer wants to create their own; they can ask EvieMelody on her talk page or email if they can launch it too. Note it can only be reliable as the source it got the information from.

Related automation

There is already a form of automation enabled on Sanrio Wiki which is accessible at Special:ReplaceText. It can set a task to replace strings of texts, which should be applied shortly after the request (but not instantly). For tasks more complex than replacing one string with another, regular expressions are possible as well. Example: values of "a(.*)c" for "Original text:" and "ac$1" for "Replacement text:" would replace "abc" with "acb".

Additionally, features in an external word processor like Notepad++ can also use regular expression and text replace features to adjust the body of the text before it is submitted to Sanrio Wiki and published with "Save changes". Furthermore, Excel2Wiki is a useful tool for creating tables in MediaWiki form from Microsoft Excel (or other spreadsheet) documents.


  • Sanrio Co., Ltd. has its own subsidiary responsible for automation (specifically physical robots, machines, and animatronics), known as Kokoro.