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This article is a list of tasks users can help with for contributing to Sanrio Wiki.

  • After a reconsideration on what to do with character files, reupload files that were deleted long ago. [ Partially complete ✓ ]
  • Work on more character pages [Ongoing ✓ ]
    • Sub-characters [Started ✓ ]. Many of these pages were created anonymously but deleted because of no image sources/official links to back them up.
  • Work on more media related pages [Started ✓ ]
  • Make more detailed pages [Not really started]
  • Expand with information from The Strawberry News issues ('70s, '80s, '90 are in particular of great interest!), books such as Sanrio Design: The '70s & '80s. [Started ✓ ]
  • Video games [ Partially complete ✓ ]
  • Animation [Started ✓ but barely a general representation]
  • Books [Started ✓ but barely a general representation ]
  • Manga [Started ✓ but barely a general representation]
  • Fill out wiki with stubs to work with [Ongoing ✓, try to reach 5000 ]
  • Take a more applied approach to merchandise [There is some work, but it hasn't been done systematically much yet. This could add thousands of new articles.]