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The Strawberry News

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Various Strawberry News

The Strawberry News (Japanese: いちご新聞, Ichigo Shimbun/Shinbun), also known as Strawberry Newspaper is an official Japanese Sanrio magazine. Issues are released with free promotional gifts.

Examples of content include information on new products, promotions, characters, brands, and short comics featuring Sanrio's characters.

It was launched in 1975 and was the original publication which began the popular Sanrio Character Ranking competition.[1]

The Strawberry News is also related to the Lyrica manga/comics magazine, which launched on September 1976[2], but unlike The Strawberry News was discontinued on the March 1979 (No. 29) issue.

There was a similar 1990s Sanrio magazine in English available at Sanrio Gift Gates and other stores known as A La Mode, but it too was discontinued.

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Within the Strawberry Hall of Sanrio Puroland is The Strawberry News Museum. Focused on the legacy of The Strawberry News, many of the issues are on display there.

In the late 1990s video game Hello Kitty 25th Anniversary CD-ROM: Daisuki!! Hello Kitty, the Kitty Museum also features the cover arts of various issues of The Strawberry News, and a few select pages are available to view.

For the 50th Anniversary of Sanrio, the book Sanrio Days contains basic data (dates and characters on the cover) and small scans of the covers for the PR (March 1975) issue, followed by the first 261 issues of The Strawberry News. (pp. 134 to 141)

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