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WARNING: This article contains material which may not be age appropriate, upset and/or offend some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.
Universe Ringing Bell
Japanese name ウォー
Based on Wolf
Gender Male

Woe is a wolf and an ancillary character of the 1970/80s Sanrio film Ringing Bell and 1970s book Chirin no Suzu (Japanese: チリンの鈴, Chirin no Suzu) by Takashi Yanase.


Woe is an aging wolf who lives in the mountain and hunts for food. He has black/taupe-brown fur and has a scar down his left eyelid. After Woe killed the mother of a male sheep named Chirin (and possibly his entire family as implied in the book), it filled him with feelings of revenge and he wished to become even stronger than a wolf. However, the more time Woe spent with Chirin, the more of a bond they shared together in hunting and eating other predators.

Woe instructed for Chirin to kill sheep on the farm in which he used to live, but could never bring himself to do it. Due to this Chirin killed Woe, but in his last words Woe was happy it was Chirin who killed him.

As with Woe, Chirin became an aggressive ram, it left him with no other role model to turn to after he died, leaving Chirin to wander the mountains alone.