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Sanrio Wiki banner.png Welcome to Hello Kitty + Sanrio Wiki - The Sanrio Encyclopedia and Directory (8,276 articles since 2015):

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Main article: Sanrio Wiki:About.

We're a small wiki community founded by User:EvieMelody for Sanrio fans. The focus is everything pertaining to Sanrio, such as Hello Kitty and lots of kawaii. ^-^

There is no notability criteria, as long as the subject is relevant to Hello Kitty or Sanrio.

This wiki is a continuation of the Shoutwiki version. It also serves as a reference site, database or directory for all things Sanrio, as well as franchises Sanrio owns rights or licenses to promote/produce in at least one country. Another project is documentation of Sanrio merchandise, which is still in its infancy.

If new, please read through our policies and editing help.

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