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Little Twin Stars

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Little Twin Stars
Little Twin Stars combined EVA Air artwork.png
Universe Little Twin Stars
Other names Kiki (boy) and Lala (girl)
Japanese name リトルツインスターズ,
キキ, ララ
Date of first appearance 1975
Based on Angels
Gender Kiki: Male,
Lala: Female

The Little Twin Stars (Japanese: リトルツインスターズ) are a pair of Sanrio siblings created in 1975. They are similar to angels and consist of a little boy with blue hair called Kiki and a little girl called Lala with long pink hair. Kiki and Lala have also been seen with brown hair and blonde hair respectively.


Kiki and Lala were originally born on Omoiyari Star (also known as the Star of Compassion)[1] in the Dream Star Cloud and travelled a long way to Earth to become "wonderful shining stars".[2]

They were born on December 24th (Christmas Eve).

The Little Twin Stars would spend time wondering about life on Earth and it was a planet that they had heard much about. They set out to Earth with permission from "Mother-Star" and "Father-Star" with the help of Lala's wand, and have been "spreading positivity, joy and love to everyone they meet" after arriving on Earth.


Main article: Kiki.

Kiki is curious and full of energy, although he can come across as "flustered" or a little cheeky at times. He can fly through the sky using a star on his back. [3] He loves star fishing and inventions. He is a boy and is the younger one.


Main article: Lala.

Lala loves to draw and write poems and is great at cooking. She can come across as timid and cries easily. Lala is a girl and is the older one.


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