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Melody Takt

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The Melody Takt

The Melody Takt (Japanese: メロディタクト) is a magical pink takt used by My Melody in the first three series of the Onegai My Melody franchise. The Melody Takt is later upgraded to a larger Hyper Melody Takt (Japanese: ハイパーメロディタクト).

In Onegai♪My Melody Kirara★, My Melody and Kirara Hoshizuki, use the Star Pendant for magic.


The Melody Takt is used to counter Kuromi and Baku's dark magic from the Melody Key, which she uses in an attempt to obtain 100 Black Notes and awaken the Dark Power. This magic is able to manifest a curse on any person with a dream, with Kuromi and Baku often exploiting the vulnerability of low-spirited individuals. Kuromi and Baku will pretending that they are on that person's side to make their dream come true. The curse while seemingly making that person's dream come true, is disastrous to them and/or others in the end, and may sometimes create a monster.

After the affliction of dark magic, My Melody may wave her Melody Takt to counter it, free that person from the curse, and possibly have them meet their dreams in a responsible way. Afterwards, that person may have a choice of either preferring My Melody's way or Kuromi's way and it is up to them what happens next. Often, they will agree with My Melody, producing a Pink Note to counter the dark magic. However, if that person believes Kuromi's way was still the best, a Black Note will be produced instead.


The Melody Takt has various capabilities depending on the series.


Real-world toys resembling the Melody Takt have also been released.

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