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Princess Kitty

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Princess Kitty
Hello Kitty Cinderella art.png
Art from Hello Kitty no Cinderella
Universe Hello Kitty
Japanese name キティ姫, Kitty-Hime
Based on Princess, cat
Gender Female
Home/Nationality/Usually Found At British

Princess Kitty[1] or Hello Kitty Princess[2] refers to Hello Kitty as a princess, or often Hello Kitty as a girl/lady of high class. She can typically be seen with a posh dress.

This is a very common portrayal of Hello Kitty, and one example in first-party portrayals is how Hello Kitty appears in a pink dress stereotypical to a princess at the Lady Kitty House attraction in Sanrio Puroland.

Since archetypes such as the princess (or the empress or high priestess) in general are common in femininity cultures, and are also associated with kawaii and cuteness it's natural then it is a match for Hello Kitty, who is also a cat (a stereotypically loyal animal). It also fits with the common expression in culture pertaining to Sanrio that Hello Kitty is 'like a goddess'.

Hello Kitty as a princess is also common in merchandise, and third-party media.

Sometimes Princess Kitty is based on or inspired by a specific princess; such as Cinderella (e.g. the Sanrio Anime Festival animation Hello Kitty no Cinderella) or the Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater episode called Cinderkitty, where Hello Kitty plays out a role based on the fairy tales of Cinderella (influenced by the popular 1950 film by Disney). Another two examples of a Princess Kitty borrowing from role models associated with princesses or royalty are Hello Kitty as Kaguya-hime (from stories such as The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter; where Hello Kitty is the protagonist of Hello Kitty no Kaguya-hime) or Thumbelina (sometimes named Oyayubi-hime in Japan; where Hello Kitty is the protagonist of Hello Kitty no Oyayubi-hime).

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