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Spacetoon India

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Spacetoon logo, as of 2014, used for

Spacetoon India is a 2006 established Indian media and licensing company.

It is related to the pan-Arab free-to-air television channel Spacetoon, which later launched a now discontinued free-to-air channel in India in 2009.[1] The logo for Spacetoon India is the same as the parent company Spacetoon.

Additionally in 2005, Spacetoon, Sahara One, and Manipal TV formed a partnership for the Spacetoon Hour broadcast. Lasting one hour long, it featured animated and live action series removed from the SpaceToon Media Group library[2][3][4], however it was later cancelled.

Relevance to Hello Kitty

The Sanrio and Spacetoon India partnership has lead to one of the few official localisations of Hello Kitty in Hindi, with Spacetoon India being the official licensors of Hello Kitty in India at the time. Chief Operating Officer of Sanrio Kunihiko Tsuji made the following statement, "Hello Kitty has already made a remarkable position worldwide and loved by all age groups. Licensing continues to play a huge part in Hello Kitty’s global popularity and we see immense potential in the Indian market for the same. Though it is a challenging endeavor for us but with the help of our partner- Spacetoon India who has a reasonable understanding about the Indian licensing industry, we are confident that we will be able to attract Indian marketers and retailers."[5]


The following Hello Kitty related animations were broadcast for Spacetoon India.[6]

In other languages

  • Arabic: سبيس تون الهندية (Sabis Tun Alhindia)
  • Hindi: स्पेसटून भारत (Spesatoon Bhaarat)

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