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Kōta Hasegawa

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Kōta Hasegawa
Kota Hasegawa.png
Universe Sanrio Boys
Japanese name 長谷川康太
Date of first appearance 2015
Based on High school boy
Gender Male
Home/Nationality/Usually Found At Japanese
Official links [1], [2]

Kōta Hasegawa is one of the five Sanrio Boys. He has an affinity for the Sanrio character Pompompurin.

The other Sanrio Boys are Yū Mizuno (lover of My Melody), Yoshino Shunsuke (lover of Hello Kitty), Ryō Nishinomiya (lover of the Little Twin Stars), and Minamoto Seiichirō (lover of Cinnamoroll).


He is in the third group of the second year. Born on April 15th and 171 cm tall. He is part of the 'homecoming club'; like Yū Mizuno and Ryō Nishinomiya (informal name for a student without any specific club activities so returns home after school). He is good friends with Yū Mizuno, supporting each other. Kōta cherished the Pompompurin plush his grandmother gave him, who sadly passed away. He is initially surprised that Yū Mizuno and Yoshino Shunsuke also bring Sanrio merchandise to school without any embarrassment. Out of respect for his grandmother, he knows he will always be a fan of Pompompurin, however he still feels a little embarrassed.

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