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Ryō Nishinomiya

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Ryō Nishinomiya
Ryo Nishinomiya.png
Universe Sanrio Boys
Japanese name 西宮諒
First appearance 2015
Based on High school boy
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese
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Ryō Nishinomiya is one of the five Sanrio Boys. He has an affinity for the Sanrio characters The Little Twin Stars.

The other Sanrio Boys are Kōta Hasegawa (lover of Pompompurin), Yū Mizuno (lover of My Melody), Yoshino Shunsuke (lover of Hello Kitty), and Minamoto Seiichirō (lover of Cinnamoroll).


He is part of the fifth group of the first year and is 165cm tall. His birthday is September 16th. He is part of the 'homecoming club'; like Kōta Hasegawa and Yū Mizuno (informal name for a student without any specific club activities so returns home after school), and is also a library committee member. Ryō is sensitive and very shy, with a tendency to look down while he walks. He is raised and loved by his mother and three older sisters. Kōta Hasegawa also once said "When [Ryō] laughs, it's cuter than any of the girls around" (笑うとその辺の女子よりかわいい).

Since he likes The Little Twin Stars (Kiki & Lala) and was surrounded by them when younger, when he grew a little older he thought it was something to be ashamed of and had difficulties with self-love. He also initially denied the actions of Kōta, Yū Mizuno and Yoshino Shunsuke or did not want to associate with them, but now his self-esteem is a little better after Minamoto Seiichirō told him "You're free to like what you want." (何が好きかは自分の自由だろう) and apologised to the three.

When he can truly be himself, he is a young and pampered-type. He loves tea time culture and eating cakes at the café.

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