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Hi there, I'm EvieMelody (formally User:Torchickens).
Friendly Kokochan.png My Melo Ganbaru.png Cogimyun.png

(Friendly Kokochan, My Melody and Cogimyun are my favourite Sanrio characters)

My name is Evie and I love Sanrio and cute or kawaii media, girly/traditional feminine things in general like health and beauty, dolls, clothes, shoes. ^^ In addition to things like video games, technology and computer science. My favourite colour is pale pink. I love my garden and three doggies.

I'm the founder of this wiki, which I originally founded on ShoutWiki. This site is hosted thanks to the Grifkuba team and is friends with some other wikis/groups. I keep this version of the wiki semi-closed due to spam (and left the former), but accounts are available through email request.

This wiki is no relation to the Fandom Hello Kitty Wiki which has a larger community.

Recently I've been putting more of a focus on Sanrio merchandise.

I have a number of other names online like Torchickens and Chickasaurus.


I like to edit this wiki, have a smaller role on some other wikis like Starfy Wiki, NintendoWiki, Glitch City Wiki and make videos, in particular of Pokémon glitches (channel ChickasaurusGL), and other videos (channel EvieMelody). This wiki (or other wikis, or YouTube) can take up a lot of my free time.

I have a Discord but get shy or can't focus, so I don't use it often anymore, except for close friends. I sometimes post/retweet cute things or whatever I've been up to, on Twitter.

Sometimes in addition to editing wikis, I play video games (and I have a lot of games), or I research glitches in the older Pokémon games, or I learn/practise programming.


My edits: [1] [2]


Anyone is free to edit it: User:EvieMelody/Sandbox

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