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Bouken Jikuu Timenet

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WARNING: This article contains material which may not be age appropriate, upset and/or offend some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.
The first volume's tankōbon

Bouken Jikuu Timenet (Japanese: 冒険時空タイムネット) is a manga created by Sakuramaru Yamada and illustrated by Hiroshi Soya, based on the video games Sanrio Timenet: Kako Hen and Mirai Hen but with only characters, monsters introduced in those games and without original Sanrio characters.

The manga is copyrighted to Timenet, which was a subsidiary company of Imagineer.

It debuted in 1999 in the magazines Shougaku Gonensei and Shougaku Rokunensei from April 1999 to February 2000 and received two tankōbon.

The manga is notable for its controversial 'off-color humour' abusing themes including blood, nudity (censored) and near-death experience.


Table based on the one found at Japanese Wikipedia.

See also: Bouken Jikuu Timenet: Tankōbon 1, Bouken Jikuu Timenet: Tankōbon 2

Publication name Chapter number Title Tankōbon
Shougaku Gonensei May 1999 1 Fushigi no Sekai
Shougaku Rokunensei
Shougaku Gonensei May 1999 2 I Sekai e no Tobira
June 1999 3 Chikyuu ni Kaerenai!?
4 Basadian Raishuu!!
July 1999 5 Manmo to no Yuujou
May 1999 6 Toki no Choujin, Time Surfer
Shougaku Rokunensei May 1999 7 Unchinrider Tanjou
June 1999 8 Ushinawareta Ima
July 1999 9 Seigi no Mikata Rex Walker Sanjou!!
August 1999 10 Mirai e!
September 1999 11 "Toki no Hashigo" o Sagashite
October 1999 12 Ēru Zettai Zetsumei!?
Shougaku Gonensei September 1999 13 Nakama Wareda Pon!
October 1999 14 Time Paradox
Shougaku Rokunensei November 1999 15 Kami-sama no Shoutai!?
Shougaku Gonensei November 1999 16 Fuyuu Toshi Sky City
December 1999 17 "Samayoeru Mura" o Sukue!
January 2000 18 Rina no Kage (Shadow)
Shougaku Rokunensei December 1999 19 Kuroi Souzounushi
Shougaku Gonensei (January 2000)
Shougaku Rokunensei (January 2000)
20 Sayonara Basadian
Shougaku Gonensei (February 2000)
Shougaku Rokunensei (February/March 2000)
21 Owari, Soshite Hajimari

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