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Hello Kitty Pocket Camera

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Hello Kitty Pocket Camera
Hello Kitty Pocket Camera scan.png
Developer(s) Creatures/Nintendo
Publisher(s) N/A
Release date(s) Japan Cancelled
Genre Camera, minigames
Platform(s) Game Boy
Title screen

Hello Kitty Pocket Camera was a cancelled version of Nintendo's Game Boy Camera. It was advertised in an insert for Pocket Hello Kitty with a planned release date of December 1998 with the Hello Kitty Pocket Printer. The ROM image of this game was found within a data breach in September 2020. It has an enhanced Super Game Boy border.

Upon running the game is a 1999 copyright notice. The title screen features Hello Kitty holding a heart and the music is a carry-over from Nintendo's Mobile Trainer Game Pak (as is the music for the photo copy screen).

Like the regular Game Boy Camera and its other special editions, it features support for printing out photos using the Game Boy Printer.

There was also cut support to link this game with the Nintendo 64DD for the Game Boy Camera connectivity in the Mario Artist series based on a check for its internal "pocketcamera_sn" (possibly "Pocket Camera Sanrio") header.[1]


The game serves as both a camera featuring Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters like her friends, family in stamps, and Badtz-Maru, Good Hanamaru, Ijuuin Pandaba and lets the player play minigames. The Hello Kitty Pocket Camera may be a spiritual successor to the Pocket Hello Kitty, as it uses the same currency (Kitt). Some of the music from this game also exists in an altered form in the Mobile Game Boy Adapter setup software Mobile Trainer.

The game also logs data including the number of photos taken by the player, how many photos were tossed, link cables interactions with males or females with another camera (this latter data is input on a profile screen, similar to the other Game Boy Camera games (normal, The Legend of Zelda, CoroCoro Comics)). On a screen, reaching a point milestone plants a flower. Scoring more points makes it bloom, and then eventually animate. There seems to be no reward for maxing this out.


Staff credits

The staff roll is accessed via Channel 7 of the Strawberry Channel.

Hello Kitty Pocket Camera Staff

Presented by Nintendo


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  • There is art for Pompompurin in the game within a frames menu, but it is possibly unused. It can be accessed with Game Genie code 183-63B-E6E.[2]

Pompompurin HK Pocket Camera.png


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  2. nensondubois (creating the code)
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